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Purim Gifts 5775

Dear Purim Gifts Author, 

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2013 Fics :)

So not much gets posted here, but in 2013 I wrote for a number of fests! (links to AO3)

Purim Gifts: 3  ficlets

HP Femmefest: The Roses Bleed Both Light and Dark

RS Games: Where You Feel it Touching the First Sounds

It's almost that time of year again...when us Jews are commanded to get drunk and revel in thwarting the plans of a genocidal maniac. No wonder our joy is increased! And thanks to purimgifts,  fandom gets extra joyful too! My Dear Author Letter is below the cut. 

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Some musings on 2012 and (fic!)

Well, I rarely post here but I figure it's time to post some fic and reflections fro the last year.  links and rambling below the cut. 

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Happy New Year! I hope your 2013 is filled with Blessings and Love. (and plot bunnies!)

MASH FIC: Saturday Morning

Title: Saturday Morning
Author: LaDonnaErrante
Pairing: BJ/Hawkeye implied
Warnings: none
 I do  not own M*A*S*H
Summary: Hawkeye and his oldest son look through a photo album
Author's Notes: This was impromptu, written quickly and unbeta'd. It was inspired by, of all things an "FML" post:

 "Today, I was looking through some old family pictures for a scrapbook I'm making. I found images of my dad passed out in his       underwear, my great-grandpa having a drunken bath, and an unidentified moustachioed man sitting on the toilet, giving the photographer the finger. FML"
Unidentified Mustachioed Man screamed BJ  to me and this was the result. 

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FIC: Where You Go I Will Go

 Title: “Where You Go I Will Go”
Author: LaDonnaErrante
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Pairing/characters: Legolas/Gimli
Rating: PG 13(?) some vague references to sexual intercourse
Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR
Prompt: It's not the gender of Legolas' lover that he's reluctant to tell his family about; it's the species
Summary: Legolas prepares for his final journey with Gimli
Warnings: (if any)
Author's Notes: (if any) Not as polished as I’d hoped…

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Drabble: The Apple is the Key

Title: The Apple is the Key
Author: La Donna Errante
Pairing/Character: Ted Mosby, Barney Stinson
Word Count: 99
Rating: PG
Summary: Barney gives Ted another 'scientific' piece of dating advice. Humor/genfic
Disclaimer: Don't own the HIMYM characters. 
Author's Notes:  Drabble written in response to the prompts "apple" and "key" randomly drawn from a hat

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MASH Fic: Jitterbugs

This was my first fic, it's old but I thought I'd post it here to get started!

Title: Jitterbugs
Response to Mash _Slash list challenge: Song or Dance
Rating: G or Corporal
Charles/ Klinger
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